About CieloStar

Now, with the dawn of “Defined Contribution Healthcare,” we are on the leading edge once again.

Our expanding suite of products and services includes sophisticated decision support technology, private exchanges, enrollment solutions, CDH administration and account processing, multi-purse debit cards, mobile and web-enabled technology, health and wellness tools, health coaching, health risk assessment, bio metric health data, COBRA, bill consolidation and provider payment solutions.

Experience has taught us that employers and employees are looking for a simple but comprehensive health and benefits solution from a source they can trust. They want a wide-range of affordable health and benefits options without sacrificing flexibility and choice, and they want a central access point where they can easily choose and manage these options anywhere, anytime.

With this in mind, we’ve created a new approach to healthcare: Fully Integrated Health and Benefits.

Introducing CieloChoice: A Fully Integrated Health and Benefits System

CieloChoice is CieloStar’s proprietary benefits system that powers our fully integrated health and benefits and defined contribution solutions.

CieloChoice allows employers, affinity groups, brokers, third party administrators, and associations to offer private exchanges and defined contribution benefit solutions to their employees, clients and member organizations.

As a compliment to Cielochoice, here are some additional services offered by CieloStar:

CieloCare Accountable Care Solution

Enables healthcare systems to create a full-service Accountable Care Organization (ACO).


Helps individuals to compare, select and purchase insurance and related benefit products through an “easy to navigate” web tool.


Offers full backroom services to banks, brokers, health plans, third party administrators, and self-insured employers.


Facilitates payments between payers (insurance companies) and healthcare providers.

CieloStar provides leading-edge payment and decision support technology that helps employers and consumers compare, select and purchase insurance and benefit solutions. In addition, CieloStar continues to expand its position with healthcare providers and payers by offering best-in-class solutions to drive efficiency and velocity in the movement of healthcare data and payments.